Pet Planet is a pet e-commerce platform for pet lovers.  It will also help pet owners to take care of their pets easily, strengthening the emotional bond by providing them contextual knowledge about pet care facilities available around them. This is an honest attempt to make this ecosystem sustainable and to bring all pet related facilities at the fingertips of the users.




For better understanding of the current trade and pet care systems, I carried out the literature study. I got to know some interesting facts about the fastest growing pet markets. I also did a quick primary research through informal discussions with five users to know the general behavior of pet lovers.



01. India is projected to be the fastest growing global pet market.  According to IIPTF, the pet population in India has grown from 7 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2011.On an average 600,000 pets are adopted every year.

02. The rising pet ownership rates are driving demand for pet food, health products, and pet accessories. The Indian pet market is now $800-million-plus industry, and is expected to register strong double-digit retail value growth in the coming years.

03. The growth in the Indian pet market is driven by several factors. These are:

  • Increased number of pet adoptions

  • Rising disposable income

  • Higher awareness of dietary needs of pets and the benefits of pet food

  • Change in perception towards pets.


04. Pet care products catering to the health and wellness needs of pets have emerged and are being well accepted, with pet care registering an approximate growth of 24 percent in 2012

05. Owing to the general atmosphere of sensitization towards pets in the country, more Indian consumers have come to humanize their pets, and pet owners do not mind spending on what they perceive as being necessary or beneficial for their pets, be it pet food, treats, toys, medicines, resort stays or air fare

06. The media's positive portrayal of pets has had a huge impact on public perception towards the latter. Many NGOs who work for animal welfare have contributed to this industry immensely.





  • Information is available online but in a scattered manner

  • NGOs and associations not easily approachable by an individual

  • The efficiency of most of the websites and applications is confined to only dogs and cats

  • Lack of resources for other pets like fishes, birds, rabbits, etc.

  • Low awareness amongst owners about the accessibility of the information

  • In most of the cases, pet seller's advice is heeded instead of veterinary doctor's

  • It is difficult for new pet owner to acquire necessary skills quickly



  • Growing pet humanization

  • Increase in indoor pets because of the pressure on living spaces in urban areas

  • Accelerated consumer lifestyles creating demand for convenient pet-related products

  • Increased segmentation

  • Expansion of pet superstores and pet care services in major markets

  • Need of easily available pet care expertise







  • Efficient pet adoption facility

  • Pet sharing (rental) system

  • Online counselling from a veterinarian

  • Information of upcoming pet events







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Landing page offers information about upcoming events, workshops near by user's location along with the search and filter option to discover more.

Hamburger icon represents profile details of user.


Primary filter provides different service options available.

When 'Buy a pet' primary filter is selected, it will lead to different subsequent filters. Here user needs to select a category of pet that he wants to buy.


Next secondary filter is about different types or breeds of the selected pet.

Users can select the color of the pet and the affordable price range.


On applying all filters, results will appear with the different price options and sellers.

When user taps on a picture to buy, all the details about that pet will appear. Now user can add pet to basket and continue with the selection of other pets. A small notification will appear near the basket after addition of pet.


Basket contains all the pet buying details like price, color and quantity for user's review. User can change the color and quantity. He can also remove the order from basket by pressing cross mark.

After pressing checkout button on the previous screen, buying summary will appear for user's final confirmation. User can edit the shipping address and proceed to payment screen.


User can select the payment method and enter details like card number, date, CVV, etc.

Success screen will appear once the payment is done. This screen indicates the commencement of delivery process. User can track his previous order in the basket section.






I enjoyed the research part of this project as it revealed many interesting facts and figures. I have learned to design a reliable source and a one stop solution for all pet lovers. Our goal of providing a platform for easy accessibility of information to empower the pet lovers was attained successfully. This solution indeed formed a cluster of pet owners, sellers, buyers, doctors, experts taking their pet love one level up. I look forward to apply design thinking to many more dynamic environments like e-commerce.