Established in 1854, College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) is the third oldest engineering college in Asia. I am privileged to have the opportunity of applying my design knowledge to this prestigious ecosystem. For any educational institute, to create a lasting impact among students and professors, and to emerge as a world class education hub, online presence plays an important role. I discussed various aspects of existing website with the students, professors and the COEP web-team members. The outcome is the redesigned sample web-pages presented here.




I started my research by studying and analyzing similar existing university websites to develop better understanding of the services/experiences offered to the users with academic background. I also conducted interviews with existing college students and professors. I categorized the learning into three different types:


  • It is difficult for new students to find the required information.

  • takes longer to understand the layout of the website.

  • Students applying for the course find admissions page disorganized.


  • Professors want easy access to academic content to keep it updated.

  • Professors are typically people with hectic schedules and little free time.

  • Some professors may take time to get familiar if the layout is entirely changed.


  • A well structured online recognition to include and connect all academic subsystems quickly and efficiently.






  • Reorganized information

  • Enriched visual experience

  • New home page layout to create an impact

  • User friendly admissions page








Carnivalee Freakshow Regular

IBM Plex Sans Light

IBM Plex Sans Regular

IBM Plex Sans Medium

IBM Plex Sans Semibold

IBM Plex Sans Bold




Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page


1. The original typeface of the name 'College of Engineering, Pune' was not legible and hence changed to also add the flavour of vintage theme.

2. Different variations have been offered with the separate buttons for students, faculty, alumni and other visitors to sort the information in a convenient manner

3. Warm red shade was replaced by cool blue tint in the colour scheme that represents inspiration, wisdom, confidence and trust.

4. Layout of the main menu bar and its dropdown were changed to enhance accessibility

5. Slide show buttons have been displayed explicitly and the image size has been increased to occupy the whole screen


Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page

1. Secondary menu bar (of timeline) has been shown as a sliding vertical panel of the options with original order

2. The change in this menu bar provides more space to arrange other elements of the websites as all the campus news  notifications appear in a horizontal queue


Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page

1. 'Upcoming events' arrangement has been changed to tiles to get a quick idea in one view

2. 'In a nutshell' summary has been introduced to highlight essential facts for all users


Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page

1. Position and layout of the calendar is changed to optimize it

2. Navigation links have been moved at the bottom after summary dashboard

3. Quick links remain at the same position at bottom but with better legibility


Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page

1. 'Director's message' is displayed with the change in typeface, spacing and other embellishments

2. Picture and Director's profile details have been rearranged to make it more cohesive


Left hand side: Original web-page

Right hand side: Redesigned web-page

1. 'Undergraduate Program' under the admissions menu was refurbished to make it more clean

2. Information links have been sorted based on the academic year to make it more logical






Redesign of COEP website made me experience the feeling of responsibility while giving back to my alma mater. I felt more accomplished when I got an appreciation from COEP web-team that manages the entire website. However, the important lesson was about the security of the data due to which they were not able to implement this design immediately. I am planning to approach and present this project to the COEP governing body to get the further technical assistance and guidance. Meanwhile, I will work on the feedback received by users and reiterate to make it better at every attempt.