Ansys AR

Integrating Augmented Reality with Ansys Discovery 3D modeling and simulation software
About the project

Background: Ansys UX Team recognized my skills from my summer internship performance and provided sponsorship to one-year-long capstone project. This project is one of those innovation projects that the UX team had kept in their wishlist for a long time and did not get a chance to work on because of their day-to-day product related responsibilities. I led this initiative end-to-end and explored the opportunities to integrate AR/VR with Ansys Discovery software.

Sponsor: Ansys Inc.

Duration: 9 months (Sep 2020 - April 2021)

My Role: User Research, Technology Research, Product Design, Prototyping & Testing

Stakeholders: Frank Desimone (Design Director), Jared Pryor (UX Manager and Developer) and Ansys UX Team


How might we leverage AR/VR/MR technology to enhance the simulation experience of 3D models for Ansys Discovery users?

Explore future possibilities and envision innovative interactions that will allow engineers to experience their 3D models in real context.

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