Hope you’ve enjoyed the designer side of me. Now, let’s explore the other side of it which makes me complete! Here, I present to you all those interests in my ‘Life’ that keep my ‘Work’ balanced. These leisure activities are very close to my heart and I try my best to give some time to each of them and keep on learning continuously. Enjoy!



This is a recently discovered passion. I always had a propensity for this art but never got a chance to explore much. This latent skill started developing when I attended a beginner’s course for Latin as well as Devanagari scripts at the Alphabet Institute of Creative Arts, Pune.




During my high school summer, I bought a small digital camera and simply started playing with it. I began capturing objects and people that captured my eyes. This activity gradually changed my perspective of looking at things. Today I have an enhanced version of it - a DSLR, helping me freeze the moments and convert them into memories. Photograph editing is a new world, still a little blurry for me.



Graphic Design

My habit of observing details and love for letters, shapes, colors make me scribble down some ideas. I often participate in logo design competitions and I think that’s the best way to keep visual aspects of your brain working. The inner power of imagination is often more for me than the outer constraints of software learning.




Music flows in my veins. I’ve learnt Indian Classical Music (Vocals) for around six years. I’ve performed in various competitions, on various stages and at various places. To note a few milestones, I was the Music Head of my engineering institute (COEP) and also, was one of the top 30 finalists in a solo singing competition in Mood Indigo - a cultural festival at IIT Bombay. I also enjoyed giving background scores, recording voice-overs for plays and arranging music.




I enjoy reading a person’s mind as much as I enjoy reading books. As an Art Editor of annual magazine committee in COEP, I got a chance to interact with many great personalities. Also, as a member of Marathi debate club, I got an opportunity to host two interviews of renowned actors in front of an audience of a thousand.